CBSE School Admission in Kolkata | Saini International School Maheshtala

In Saini International School, admissions are open, every year, from August onwards. Students are interviewed and tested before admission is granted. Every year the new academic session begins in April.

  • 1. Parents are required to fill the registration form online or offline.
  • 2. Take the interaction/ test date
  • 3. As per the interaction or test results, parents will be given an admission form.
  • 4. Submit the admission form within 3 days of your results.
  • 5. Admission form is accepted along with the documents and fees.
  • 6. Mode of payment of fees shall be in Cheque / Cash.

Documents to be submitted at the time of admission

  • 1. Medical Fitness certificate
  • 2. Attested copy of the birth certificate
  • 3. Progress card of the previous academic year (std I onwards)
  • 4. The previous school’s leaving certificate if any
  • 5. Ration card and/or passport copy
  • 6. Passport size photograph of a child, mother & father.


Age eligibility criteria for admission are given below in the table.

Minimum age (as on 31st March 2021)


2+ years

Jr. Kg

3+ years

 Sr. Kg

4+ years

Minimum age (as on 31st March 2021)

Grade I

5+ years

Grade II

6+ years

Grade III

7+ years

Grade IV

8+ years

Grade V

9+ years

Minimum age (as on 31st March 2021)

Grade VI

10+ years

Grade VII

11+ years

Grade VIII

12+ years

Grade IX

13+ years

Grade X

14+ years

Grade XI

15+ years

Grade XII

16+ years