CBSE School Admission 2024-25 Kolkata | Saini International School Maheshtala

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Procedure for CBSE School Admission 2024-25:

In Saini International School Maheshtala, admissions are open, every year, from August onwards. Students are interviewed and tested before CBSE School admission in Kolkata is granted. Every year the new academic session begins in April.

  • 1. Parents are required to fill out the registration form online or offline.
  • 2. Take the interaction/ test date.
  • 3. As per the interaction or test results, parents will be given an admission form.
  • 4. Submit the admission form within 3 days of your results.
  • 5. Admission form is accepted along with the documents and fees.
  • 6. Mode of payment of fees shall be in Cheque / Cash.

Checklist of Documents Required at Different Stages:

Saini International School Maheshtala” has the following criteria in the section of Admission Procedure. To take admission in CBSE school in Kolkata please read the following terms mentioned below.

Submission of Application Interview / Test Call Admission
1. Student Data Form 1. ADMIT CARD 1. Admission Granted Letter
2. Admit card of existing school 2. STATIONERY FOR THE TEST (Class II & Above) 2. Doctor's Certificate
3. Medical Form 3. All original Documents submitted during depositing the Application (For Verification) 3. Fees to be paid in full Amount
4. BIRTH CERTIFICATE(Photocopy)    
5. Previous Class Report Card(Photocopy)    
6. 2 Photographs of student    
7. ITR(3years), Bank Statement of last 6 months    
8. Immunisation Card    


Age eligibility criteria for CBSE School admission are given below in the table:

Minimum age (as on 1st April 2024)


2+ years


3+ years

Jr. Kg

4+ years

 Sr. Kg

5+ years

Minimum age (as on 1st April 2024)

Grade I

6+ years

Grade II

7+ years

Grade III

8+ years

Grade IV

9+ years

Grade V

10+ years

Minimum age (as on 1st April 2024)

Grade VI

11+ years

Grade VII

12+ years

Grade VIII

13+ years

Grade IX

14+ years

Grade X

15+ years

Grade XI

16+ years

Grade XII

17+ years



FAQ About CBSE School Admission in Kolkata


Q1: When does the admission process typically begin for CBSE schools in Kolkata?
A1: The admission process for CBSE schools in Kolkata usually starts in the months of November to December for the following academic year.

Q2: What are the age criteria for admission to CBSE schools in Kolkata, especially for kindergarten or nursery classes?
A2: The age criteria can vary among schools, but generally, children should be around 3 to 4 years old for nursery and 4 to 5 years old for kindergarten.

Q3: Are there any specific documents required for CBSE school admissions in Kolkata?
A3: Commonly required documents include a birth certificate, residence proof, recent passport-sized photographs of the child, and sometimes previous school records for higher classes.

Q4: Do CBSE schools in Kolkata conduct entrance tests for admission?
A4: Some CBSE schools may conduct entrance tests, interviews, or interactions, especially for higher classes. It's advisable to check the admission criteria of individual schools.

Q5: What factors should parents consider when selecting a CBSE school for their child in Kolkata?
A5: Parents should consider the school's reputation, location, infrastructure, faculty, extracurricular activities, and whether it aligns with their educational philosophy.

Q6: Is there a deadline for submitting the admission application forms in CBSE schools?
A6: Yes, schools typically have a specific deadline for submitting application forms. Missing this deadline may affect the chances of admission.

Q7: Are there any reserved seats or quotas for different categories of students in CBSE schools in Kolkata?
A7: Some CBSE schools may have reserved seats for categories like economically weaker sections (EWS), children with disabilities, or specific quotas. Check with individual schools for details.

Q8: How can parents check the status of their child's CBSE school admission application?
A8: Schools often provide updates on the admission status through their official websites or by contacting the school's admission department directly.

Q9: What is the typical timeframe for receiving admission confirmation from CBSE schools in Kolkata?
A9: Admission confirmation usually occurs within a few weeks after the completion of the admission process. It may vary among schools.

Q10: Are there any additional admission tests or criteria for admission to higher classes in CBSE schools?
A10: Some schools may require admission tests or evaluate previous academic records for admissions to higher classes. It's advisable to inquire about specific requirements.